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The Fueling Station

Who is Apostle Q.?

Apostle Quenteena M. Walker is the founder and visionary of the Every Part of Me! Movement and The Fueling Station. Apostle Q. is also a spiritual champion for the underdogs! She is drawn to those who have faced rejection, abandonment, and misunderstanding.


Her divine calling is to prophetically speak into their purpose and destiny, unveiling the hidden truths that the enemy has desperately tried to conceal. Equipped with the ability to realign those whose paths have strayed from God's design, she lives her life leading everyone she meets toward the Kingdom.


Apostle Q. remains steadfast in her commitment, with Christ as her guide, to nurture the inner growth while witnessing the incredible power of God manifesting in outward transformations. Apostle Q. stands as a beacon of hope and guidance, ready to uplift and empower those who have been overlooked. Stay connected and join Apostle Q. on this spiritual journey as she uncovers the true potential and embrace the divine purpose that awaits the people of God!

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Speaker Request

Apostle Q. is humbled by your invitation to minister to your church or organization. Please complete the booking request form by clicking the button below. 

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