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What The People Are Saying...

"I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor in my life. Meeting Min. Quenteena Walker and the ministry over her life has changed mine. When I first met Min. Q, she poured into my life and haven’t stop. The raw and authentic love of God she provides to me in every aspect continues to change my life. Her ministry inspires me to continue to want to chase after God with no stoplight. I can’t thank God enough for allowing her to be apart of my life. Her self-less acts of love and care inspires me to do the same. When I was at the lowest part of my life, Min. Q have always been a phone call away. I truly thank God for the ministry he has provided over her life. Thank you Min. Quenteena Walker for always being their for me and my family. "


Minister Ashley

CEO: Leytalks Enterprise

Kingdom Investing Outreach Center

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